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Welcome to the website of Chariot Acquisition Management.  Chariot manages car donation programs for organizations who would otherwise avoid the cumbersome task of accepting a vehicle as a donation.  With our service, the organization reaps the full benefits of a donation without doing the work.
Our principals have over 40 collective years of service to charities.  With our extensive network and experience, we can pick up any vehicle in any situation within an hour or by special appointment anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Since 2010, we've conducted the acquisition of over 6500 donated cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and recreational vehicles for major charities.
​As we served these charities it became apparent that donors would rather donate cars to more familiar, Christ-centered organizations.   Churches are a good example, and are not well known for accepting occasional vehicles so they refrain.   In order to fill that need, we launched a program to allow these institutions to accept a donation without dealing with the complications of managing the many steps involved.
Churches, radio stations, colleges, and other Christian endeavors simply link us on their gifting page and inform patrons that they accept vehicle donations.  They can promote their campaign any way they see fit, at any level of intensity.  They can use announcements, emails, flyers or posters; basically any appropriate method that works.

Donating is simple.  Donors go to our online form or call us and their gift is quickly processed.  We schedule the acquisition, provide a receipt of property, liquidate the donation, and send a check to the organization in the name of the donor.  The donor gets a receipt for the value of the vehicle for their taxes.  Finally, the organization sees an increase in revenue. 

Check out our testimonials for a few of our more exciting donations.  We hope you think of us when you have unwanted cars or need to avoid winter storage fees on an old boat.  Whatever you want to give to your church or favorite Christian organizations, you can now do so thanks to our new program at Chariot Acquisition Management.​​



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