Our principals have engaged donors on behalf of charities and museums for over 40 years.  This experience gives us the ability to go above and beyond in order to meet the most challenging needs during an acquisition.  Here are a few unique examples of our work:


We had an amazing kickoff to our Chariot program:  We spoke to our pastor about our concept which offers car donation expertise to local churches.  He liked it.  Sometime later, a parishioner offered his RV to the church because of town restrictions at his new address.  The pastor contacted us wondering about the possibility of accepting the offer.  We quickly acquired it, liquidated it, and gave a check to the church for $12,000.  Our first job!

We provide great “white glove” treatment for VIPs:  We were assigned the acquisition of a 2012 Harley Davidson in mint condition, but the donor would not answer the phone.  We researched the donor and found he happened to be a top-ranked UFC mixed martial artist.  We immediately let the charity know who they were dealing with, got through to him via text, arranged for a “photo op acquisition”  with our tow driver wearing the charity’s official garb, and made all the other arrangements for the $25,000 acquisition.  It never crossed the donor's mind to get publicity for his generosity but, as with every donor, we made sure that he felt like the champ he really is.

We can make an unprofitable donation worthwhile:  This time, we were asked to move an old yacht to auction but found the transport cost wasn’t worth the donation.  We found an interested buyer at the marina, negotiated a great price to sell the unit and eventually presented a check to the charity for $2500.  

We have a great network of inexpensive heavy-duty services:  Our service provider's costs are very reasonable, even half the cost of the auction's services.  Last year an auction wanted $1450 to move an  RV to auction.  We got it done for $650.   In another instance, we transported a donated mobile home from Manhattan to an upstate children's camp for under $3000 including all permits and regulatory restrictions. Others wanted $5,000 or more.

We handle donors well, so we are a great last-minute resource:  A recent request was the immediate pickup of a 2009 Hyundai Sonata from a donor who had been stood up by the auction transporters. The donor was so annoyed that when we called she simply said “No, it’s too late. I lost a day’s pay…”. We sympathized with her and casually mentioned that we just got the call, and are prepared to come immediately.  After a few more moments of conversation, she asked us to arrange pickup after work.  During the acquisition, she called back and said she felt bad that she threatened to cut us off, and wanted to know how she could arrange a tax deduction to pay for the tow as well!  We quickly set up the call with the charity.  …as you know, donors are the greatest people in the world!

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